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Handheld Chemical Sensor Sniffs Out Harmful Substances

With the VOCcheck handheld sensor system, users can perform on-site detection, analysis, and verification of volatile compounds. It provides quality assurance for a variety of markets, including the chemical, food, and environmental industries.

Four quartz micro balance (QMB) sensors provide excellent reproducibility and long-term stability. Using reference standards, the VOCcheck can identify volatile substances and odors within 10 seconds. Users can check incoming goods, assist in waste utilization and recovery, help control product shelf life, detect leaks, aid in emission control, and discriminate and detect solvents in drums or tanks.

Easy to use and configure, the VOCcheck permits fast and accurate duplication of reproducible information which can be transferred from one device to another or directly to a PC. Also, it features a small form factor that weighs under a pound, durable design, and automatic shut-off. Its rechargeable battery provides 70 hours of standby time and up to 1000 measurement cycles.

Priced at $4995, the VOCcheck will ship with a rechargeable battery, storage capabilities for tracking volatile information, and sampling software.

AppliedSensor Inc., 400 Lanidex Plaza, Parsippany, NJ 07054; (973) 887-6900; www.appliedsensor.com.

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