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Honeywell honors Sager, Avnet wins quality award

Industry distributors were honored for a variety of achievements recently, including sales accomplishments, business process improvements and supply chain security goals.

First, Honeywell Sensing and Control honored privately held distributor Sager Electronics with two awards at its recent 2012 Americas Sales Kickoff meeting in Orlando. Sager received a gold award for new business wins—its sixth win of the last seven awards in that category—and a bronze award for overall sales performance. 

"It's Sager's commitment to new business generation and their disciplined sales process that has produced these consistent, channel-leading results over this extended period of time,” Sean Conley,
Honeywell Sensing and Control’s director of global distribution sales, said in announcing the awards.

In other news, Avnet Inc. received a 2011 Showcase in Excellence Award from the Arizona Quality Alliance for its Avnet Global Solutions Center 5S processes. Avnet incorporated the processes into its Chandler, Ariz., integration center as part of its commitment to operational excellence.

The 2011 Showcase in Excellence Award recognizes organizations for specific business process excellence. Avnet was recognized for implementing an effective 5S program that has improved computer integration cycle time, increased production capacity and increased revenue per employee. The 5S process methodology enhances productivity by keeping production environments efficiently organized and assigning work and equipment specific locations to maximize ease of use and speed of operation.

In still other news, independent distributor America II Electronics announced the achievement of a new supply chain security certification. The St. Petersburg, Fla.-based company earned its C-TPAT (Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification, a voluntary initiative started by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to improve the overall supply chain and increase security along U.S. borders. The program helps ensure that products are secure and have not been tampered with when they arrive at their shipping point of origin. C-TPAT certified companies are part of a network of more than 7,500 U.S. companies that relay best security practices through the CBP.

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