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IRC Develops RoHS-Compliant Versions of Popular Resistor Products

Providing customers with product options in response to the impending RoHS compliance deadline, TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has developed RoHS-compliant versions of their resistor products, including its LR family of thick film current sense resistors and its PFC Series thin film precision resistors. The company will also continue to produce the tin-lead terminations of the majority of their products based on continuing customer demand, especially in military electronic systems, which are exempt from the RoHS compliance regulations.

“While many component manufacturers are converting all their products to be RoHS-compliant, some customers still require tin-lead terminations for specific applications,” said Steve Wade, Director of Sales and Marketing for IRC’s Advanced Film Division. “By offering our products in both tin-lead terminations and RoHS-compliant versions, we are providing our customers with more flexibility in their applications.”

IRC’s datasheets indicate that the majority of its products have a RoHS-compliant version available, with specific ordering instructions for the tin-lead terminations. IRC engineers are developing lead-free versions of the few products that are not currently available.

For datasheets or more information on IRC’s RoHS-compliant products, visit http://www.irctt.com/pdf_files/AFD_LeadFree.pdf. For additional information, please contact the TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division Sales & Marketing Department at 361-992-7900; via mail at 4222 S. Staples St., Corpus Christi, TX 78411; or e-mail at [email protected]

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