Electronic Design

Japan's Electronics Highlights World Trade Fair

Japanese consumer products stole the electronics show at the recent U.S. World Trade Fair. In addition to exhibiting the largest volume of electronic equipment, the Japanese showed their latest advances in transistor radios, tape recorders and television sets.

One of the most popular products at the Japanese pavilion was a portable transistorized television receiver. Its developer, Sony Corp., expects the device to be available in the U.S. by August of this year. It will sell for about $250. The receiver is said to be compatible with U.S. broadcasting standards. Sony is now producing 2,000 sets per month, and will increase to 10,000 per month before the end of the year. (Electronic Design, May 25, 1960, p. 17)

It was still early in the game, but Sony was getting its foot in the door with this black-and-white receiver. The real breakthrough for Japanese tv manufacturers didn't come until color tv became affordable for many consumers.

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