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Networked System Programs High-Density Flash

The FlashPAK networked programming system can program the leading high-density flash devices. It's the latest step in its manufacturer's Connected Programming Strategy, a unified programming solution designed to connect engineering to manufacturing. FlashPAK brings the benefits of network control and advanced programming architecture to manual flash programming environments. It uses the same programming language and engine as the company's ProLINE-RoadRunner automated inline programming system. This table-top system has four sites for simultaneous programming of up to four fine-pitch flash memory devices. A combination of ergonomic operator design and supervisory control software enhances memory programming.

More FlashPAK units can be added to increase the number of programming sites. The sites connect via a provided Ethernet cable to make an 8-, 12-, or 16-site system. Task-Link for Windows supervisor software monitors the entire FlashPAK work cell, keeping statistical updates on job status, operator performance, device yield, and all relevant programming data. Pricing starts at $6000.

Data I/O Corp. www.dataio.com; (800) 322-8246

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