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New Liquid OA Flux for Lead-free Wave Soldering

Cobar’s new 92-XCON OA flux is especially formulated for Lead-free soldering, and designed to withstand the high temperatures associated with Lead-free processing without breaking down or losing its activity.

92-XCON offers a robust process window and combines freely rinsable, thermally stable synthetic polymers with a well-tuned activator system. 92-XCON delivers metallurgically sound solder joints with a brilliant shiny appearance even under high thermal load.

The new flux cleans easily in a straight aqueous process, yielding circuit assemblies with extreme ionic cleanliness. The product passes the Silver Chromate test for halides and is categorized as an IPC-Jstd-004 ORH0 product.

Cobar BV is a leading global supplier of solder pastes, fluxes, and other electronics soldering materials for electronics assembly.

Cobar BV, founded in 1983 in Holland, is the technological center and headquarters of the Cobar Group, a multi-million dollar corporation with operations and distributors in all major areas of the world. Cobar BV has been certified to ISO/TS 16949:2002; the company was accredited to ISO 9001 in 1994 and to ISO 14001 in 1997, and is also accredited to NATO's AQAP-110.

Contact the company at Aluminiumstraat 2, 4823 AL Breda, Holland, or PO Box 3251, 4800 DG Breda, Holland, Tel +31 (0)76 544 5566. Cobar Solder Products is the U.S. subsidiary of the Cobar Group, and is located at 53 Wentworth Avenue, Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053 USA, Tel. (603) 432-7500, Fax (603) 432-7519. For more information, visit www.cobar.com.

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