Electronic Design

A New Look And Exciting New Forums Ring In 2003

As you've already noticed, Electronic Design is sporting a different graphic look. We've also spruced up several perennial editorial favorites and created a number of stimulating new editorial forums. Last year we conducted focus groups and online surveys to find out the highest areas of interest among design engineers. Based on this feedback, we fine-tuned our editorial mission to remain the most relevant information source, both in print and online, covering the electronics OEM industry. Moving forward, our goal is to provide you with the key technology, design, product, and professional information to meet the competitive challenges of today and tomorrow.

To do so, the editors of Electronic Design are expanding the reach and appeal of each issue beyond our traditional strengths of covering groundbreaking products and system design. To this strong base, we're adding the fresh dimensions of industry standards, conference previews, market analysis, professional issues, and career concerns. And just as important, we're structuring each issue to leverage the advantages of the Internet to deliver the essential data you need in the least amount of time.

Here's what to expect in this and future issues:

  • Pease Porridge, the extremely popular column written by noted raconteur and analog expert Robert A. Pease.
  • POV, a forum for industry experts to speak out about an issue of key concern to the design community.
  • Head-To-Head, a new feature that gives you a front-row seat at a one-on-one debate between two competitors advocating contrasting approaches in the marketplace.
  • TechView, which anchors the front of the magazine, offers staff-written multidimensional coverage of both industry-wide developments and specific target technologies. Our editors will uncover the most important developments in technology, products, standards, industry issues, research, and business.
  • Leapfrog, the exciting new staff-written section that rounds out our coverage of major technology and product announcements. Here, we provide Industry First, an exclusive in-depth technical description of a new product that's the first in the industry to offer an important system breakthrough, and First Look, where the staff gives its perspective/analysis on a significant new architecture, process, methodology, or technology.
  • Engineering Feature, another new staff-written forum, tackles a wide array of timely and critical technology, design, and professional issues.
  • Success Story, also brand new, is our version of the story behind the story. Here, we examine the tradeoffs and decisions made by the design team of a successful "hot" product rollout.
  • Technology Report, written by one of our experienced editors, explores new and existing technologies with in-depth perspective.
  • Embedded in Electronic Design, our popular monthly section, covers developments in chips, boards, and software aimed at embedded applications.
  • Design Solution, a contributed article by an industry expert, provides down-to-earth guidance for design, test, or analysis.
  • Design Briefs, concise contributed ideas for design that quickly show how to solve a problem or use a novel approach to accomplish a specific task.
  • Product Report, a new kind of staff report that focuses on a particular class of products, stacking them up side by side to compare and contrast them.
  • Beyond Technology, yet another new forum. This column deals with a diverse range of issues about careers, the profession, education, management, and legal aspects of your work beyond the basic role of design.

We believe you'll find the new Electronic Design to be more vital, exciting, and essential than ever.

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