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Version 2.1 of Altera's Quartus II FPGA development software, which is aimed at the Stratix device family, supports integration of multiple high-speed clock domains and complex IP cores in system-on-programmable-chip designs. A pushbutton means of optimizing netlists for a 10% to 15% performance boost is among version 2.1's enhancements.


PolySpace Verifier version 1.7 automatically detects runtime errors and concurrent access to shared data at compile time. In addition to its existing integration analysis mode, Verifier 1.7 introduces a fast-cleaning mode that detects syntax, semantic, and runtime errors before unit testing.


The Package Predictor from Zuken lets designers rapidly explore the feasibility of advanced IC packages for their current projects. The tool also enables users to determine whether an existing package design will work with an IC while also suggesting the most advantageous I/O placement on the die to facilitate package reuse.


The TMOV and iTMOV circuit-protection devices uniquely combine a metal-oxide varistor and a thermal-protection device within a standard radial MOV package. The device opens when the MOV experiences the elevated temperatures normally associated with sustained overvoltage conditions outlined in UL1449.


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