Electronic Design

Now, For Some Really Big News

We waited until all of this millennium hoopla and Y2K stuff passed over so we could bring you some really exciting news. You told us you wanted more from Electronic Design. We listened, and now you're holding the results of your input—a totally redesigned and improved version from cover to cover.

Thanks. You made it happen. Our mission was to craft a technical design-engineering magazine that not only understands your world, but also anticipates the design work you'll be doing in the future. Based on that alone, we nailed down a new defining tag line: "The Authority on Emerging Technologies for Design Solutions."

Electronic Design has always been the industry's most "well-read" and "useful" technical design magazine, according to design engineers and the Adams Study (an independent research study of engineering magazines). We could have continued along that successful road, but your world is changing.

Shrinking design cycles, unbelievable design-to-market pressures, and emerging technologies and products require a better magazine. You told us so in surveys, at focus groups, in conversations at trade shows, and via e-mail. The new Electronic Design is a result of that data, combined with innovations from both our veteran and younger technical editors alike. We believe you now have the information "tool" that you need to build better, faster, less expensive electronics products. Our intent is to make you the most informed in our industry.

The new cover design has more headlines directing you right to key articles. You'll also notice the "ED Exclusive" on the main story. Our cover articles have always been industry exclusives, and we're proud to be the magazine that companies use to debut their cutting-edge technologies. We want you to know you read it here first.

Also, we improved the headline and text type, making the magazine easier to read. The page designs are simple and direct, as well. Our goal is to allow you to access vital information quickly and efficiently.

We hope you enjoy a host of new columns and sections. Our new "Timeless" Ideas For Design spotlights designs that "have withstood the test of time," according to Bob Milne, our long-time Chief Technical Editor. We're also introducing Lawrence Kamm, whose "Real-World Engineering" will give you career insights and tips.

Moreover, you'll find letters to the editor, guest columns, and staff editorials in our new Opinions section. And Forefront kicks off the magazine with the latest industry news, products, R&D lab activity, and emerging technologies.

There's more, but you'll discover it all soon enough. In the very near future, we'll be providing you with better ties between our editorial content and our enhanced web site, rapidly getting you the technical data you need.

Let us know what you think about the new-look Electronic Design. It's important that we get your feedback to make sure we're covering everything you've wanted from our magazine.

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