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The Outsourcing Revolution: Why It Makes Sense And How To Do It Right

By Michael F. Corbett

The practice of global outsourcing has been hotly debated for years. But the reality is that it’s here to stay. So with that in mind, why not make it work for you? Michael Corbett, industry expert and author of The Outsourcing Revolution, contends that we’re just now seeing the tip of the outsourcing iceberg. He states that over the next decade, as much as 80% of a typical executive’s budget will be outsourced.

Mr Corbett knows of which he speaks. The CEO of an outsourcing research and training firm, Mr. Corbett served as an expert witness at federal hearings in 1996 and again in 2002. He also has published articles in Fortune magazine and has appeared on numerous national news programs.

The author maintains that outsourcing is not a cause of world problems, but rather can benefit both of the parties involved in the relationship. In the book, he explains how executives can gain a 10- to 100-fold increase in their organization’s productivity and competitiveness by globally outsourcing critical, yet non-core, business processes.

The Outsourcing Revolution is designed as a guidebook. It offers value to a variety of readers, ranging from high-level managers to engineers worried about their own career in the new outsourced economy. Each chapter covers a vital aspect of the outsourcing process, including management principles that are explained and then illustrated in practical terms through miniature case studies. Chapters deal with topics like developing a global strategy; creating and leading successful teams; and pricing, contracting, and negotiating. By book’s end, readers will get a sense of what’s driving the outsourcing revolution and what’s needed to build a successful outsourcing program.

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