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Overvoltage Protectors Also Provide USB Charger And ESD Protection

The MAX14529E and MAX14530E overvoltage protectors (OVPs) from Maxim Integrated Products provide high-current USB charger detection. They use an integrated MOSFET to protect low-voltage systems against voltage faults up to 28 V, eliminating the need for an external nFET. Additionally, they provide robust electrostatic-discharge (ESD) protection (Human Body Model). Housed in a 3-mm2 package, these OVPs suit cell phones, media players, PDAs, and other space-constrained applications. Available in a 1.5- by 2-mm, 12-bump wafer-level package (WLP), the MAX14529E and MAX14530E are fully specified from –40°C to 85°C. Prices start at $1.40 in quantities of 1000 and up.

Maxim Integrated Products

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