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Stuff You Don’t Learn In Engineering School

Skills for Success in the Real World<br>By Carl Selinger

Let’s face it, engineers are not usually known for their charismatic people skills. However, most engineers can’t make it on technical skills alone. Other, more people-oriented skills, are essential for a successful career. Engineers need to be able to promote their ideas, share them with others, and work with a wide variety of people. Stuff You Don’t Learn In Engineering School is designed to teach these skills and thereby help its readers become effective and proficient in the corporate world.

Based on the author’s series of leadership seminars, this book aims to give young (and not so young) engineers a practical guide to navigating through the “real world.” It will help even an inhibited engineer to comfortably and effectively deal with difficult people, processes, and meetings. The book covers important skills like setting priorities, working in a team, speaking in front of a group, and dealing with stress.

The author was an engineer for 31 years, providing him with the insight needed to guide the younger generation of professionals. He describes the book as a “cheat sheet” for an engineering career, with tips and suggestions that cover the most important nontechnical skills needed for success.

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