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Technology Forecast 2012

Technology Forecast 2012

Welcome to Electronic Design’s annual industry Forecast for 2012. For this project, we glean the insights of Electronic Design’s crack staff of technology editors as well as contributing editors and some of the industry’s leading technical experts. Our projections for analog and mixed signal, power, communications, test and measurement, embedded, EDA and components that should help you get a better handle on what’s coming down the pike in the electronics industry for 2012 and beyond. There’s plenty to read, so dig in and enjoy.


After A Lackluster 2011, 2012 Semi Growth Looks Tepid, Too

What will be the driving forces for the semiconductor industry? Gartner thinks smart phones will dominate 2012 semiconductor growth, while NAND flash will be the fastest-growing semiconductor IC.

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Analog & Mixed-Signal

Technology editor Don Tuite speculates on the future of analog and mixed signal based on the big bets that the big analog companies are placing in a variety of technology and product areas.

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Gallium Nitride FETs and the Smart Grid are on Don Tuite’s mind as he makes his predictions for power in 2012. Both technology areas may prove to be a boon for power designers in the coming year.

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Digital & Embedded

Technology editor Bill Wong thinks the new year will look a lot like 2011 when it comes to multicore processors and storage in the digital arena. As far as embedded development goes, Bill thinks clouds and tablets will drive development.

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Technology editor Lou Frenzel speculates on cellular and mobile technology particularly the continuing roll out of 4G/LTE systems and products. In wired communications, Lou covers trends in Carrier Ethernet and the status of the 40/100 Gb/s development progress with OTN.

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With the LED/Solid State Lighting market is in the early stages of explosive growth, contributing editor Roger Allan explores major market trends for 2012 for LEDs and their major applications.

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Test & Measurement

Technology editor David Maliniak speculates wireless test and at how it is evolving to encompass new standards and protocols and also at how test time is being reduced in production environments.

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It’s beginning to look like system-level design flows are becoming viable for mainstream design teams. David Maliniak takes a look at how ESL flows and standards are coalescing and what directions they will take over the next few years.

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Is it business as usual for Distributors in 2012? Contributing editor Victoria Kickham gives her take on the coming year’s outlook. Victoria also speculates on the market for smart phones and tablets and their continuing ability to drive growth in 2012.

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