Electronic Design

Troubleshooting Analog Circuits

By Robert A. Pease

Both analog and digital engineers, whether novice or experienced, will find value in Bob Pease’s time-honored book, Troubleshooting Analog Circuits. Bob’s many decades of experience helped him develop techniques and methods to expedite the debugging and troubleshooting of analog circuits. Those methods are compiled in this popular 217-page book, which contains 14 chapters, eight appendices, and lots of pictures and schematics.

Bob’s approach to problem identification and isolation is applicable to a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines. His guidance helps readers gain an intuitive grasp of pinpointing problems. Chapter One begins with “First things first: the philosophy of troubleshooting.” Subsequent chapters cover “The analog-digital boundary: a never-never land?” and “Real circuits and real problems.”

Fans of Bob’s Electronic Design column will enjoy the book’s conversational style, complete with unique insights, humor, and philosophies. For example, read how a regular AM radio can become a simple piece of troubleshooting equipment. Overall, a useful and interesting addition to any technical library.

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