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Where The Homeland Security Dollars Are

You might think that the market for homeland security (HLS) devices in the U.S. is very large. And you'd be right. But to increase your chances of success in this arena, you have to think globally. The U.S., at $23.9 billion, will make up 52% of the global HLS market this year. Yet it will comprise only 47% in 2010 and 42% in 2015, according to forecasts by the Homeland Security Research Corp. The company is predicting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% for the U.S. in that period—good, but bested by the 16.5% CAGR expected outside the U.S. The table shows the forecast for various regions around the world. The figures are from the company's latest report, 2006-2015 Homeland Security & Homeland Defense Global Market, which is available for purchase at www.hsrc.biz/Sales/ Reports/Reports.asp.

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