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Bill Weir

Pericom Semiconductor

Bill Weir is a 30-plus-year veteran in the electronics and semiconductor industry, and has worked at  Pericom Semiconductor since 2005. Specializing in high-speed analog and PHY-related products throughout most of his career, at Pericom he is responsible for business development and marketing of high-growth products covering PCI Express, USB3, and 10Gb Ethernet.

Prior to Pericom, Mr. Weir held executive positions including co-founder at semiconductor startups, and at public companies HP, ICS, SEEQ, and Sprague.

Mr. Weir holds a BSEE from Bucknell University, specializing in analog design, and an MSE from Pennsylvania State University.  He co-authored an article on high-voltage CMOS processes, has been a past member of various IEEE and AES committees, and was marketing chair for the Network Processing Forum from 2000 to 2002. 

Bill’s Recent activity