Engineering Radio

Episode 15: Tuite on Powercast; SparkFun

TIME: 3:12
Don Tuite Talks About Energy Harvesting for Industrial Applications
Power editor Don Tuite visited Powercast Corp. recently and describes how that company is using RF energy for powering sensors in industrial applications.

TIME: 7:39
Mat Dirjish Interviews Nathan Seidle of SparkFun Electronics
Components editor Mat Dirjish talks with Nathan Seidle of SparkFun Electronics, who relates how his interest in building electronic projects led to starting a company that now employs more than 100 people.

TIME: 21:38
Bill Wong On Adapteva’s Epiphany Multicore IP
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong thinks Adapteva’s Epiphany Multicore IP is a game changer. He explains why.

TIME: 26:28
Bill Wong Talks About His Visit to ISEF
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong is a big fan of science fairs. In this segment, he talks about his experience at ISEF.

TIME: 30:28
Mat Dirjish Wraps Up Lightfair International
Components editor Mat Dirjish travelled down to Philadelphia for the recent Lightfair International trade show. He talks about what he saw at that show.

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