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Episode 16: Transparent LCDs; Element14

TIME: 0:47
Samsung Transparent LCDs
Editor-in-Chief Joe Desposito talks about his visit to the Samsung Experience in New York City and gives you his take on the transparent LCD he saw there.

TIME: 6:08
Nouvoyance Ultra-High Resolution PenTile Displays
Joe Desposito renews acquaintances with Joel Pollack of Nouvoyance at the Samsung Experience and reports on a 10-inch ultra-high-resolution display that employs PenTile technology.

TIME: 9:06
Storage Technology from SSDs to Optical Drives to 1-TB Notebook Drives
Joe Desposito reports on a variety of memory and storage technologies from Samsung that he was introduced to at the Samsung Experience.

TIME: 12:10
LEDs and Solid-State Lighting Virtual Conference Plus LED Grant Winners
Joe Desposito reminds listeners about Electronic Design’s LEDs and Solid-State Lighting Virtual Conference happening on June 14th, with Mike Watson of Cree as the keynote presenter. Plus, Joe talks about some LED grant winners he saw in his local newspaper.

TIME: 13:59
Element14 Unveils Knode at DAC 2011
Element14 unveiled its new Knode web site at DAC 2011. Joe Desposito talks about Knode based on a sneak peak he got at the EDS show last month.

TIME: 17:26
Bill Wong Talks About SuVolta’s Big DAC Announcement
SuVolta unveiled its new power saving technology at DAC 2011. Embedded editor Bill Wong got a preview of this technology from SuVolta and reports on it here.

TIME: 21:48
IBM Aids Design Engineers Through Cloud Computing Resources
Joe Desposito reports on IBM’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) cloud offerings and explains how they can help design engineers.

TIME: 26:58
New Chip Drive New Generation of Heart-Rate Monitors
Joe Desposito talks about his experience with heart-rate monitors and reports on the latest chip from Nordic Semiconductor, which will spur a new-generation of these devices.

TIME: 32:33
ARM Passes x86 and Power Architecture
Joe Desposito reports on a news item about ARM passing x86 and Power Architecture to become the leading MCU/eMPU architecture in 2010.

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