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Episode 21: T&M Report; New Solar Cells

TIME: 0:34
Editor-in-Chief Joe Desposito introduces today’s show.

TIME: 2:24
Test and Measurement report
T & M editor David Maliniak reports on three new pieces of test gear, one from Keithley Instruments and two from Agilent Technologies.

TIME: 8:51
Report on Renewable Silicon International (RSi)
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong reports on RSi’s new low-cost technology for solar grade silicon.

TIME: 13:23
Report on two new products from Avago Technologies
Components editor Mat Dirjish reports on a two interesting new products from Avago Technologies, a Hall effect magnetic encoder and several new LEDs.

TIME: 19:28
Interview with Scott Roller, VP of Microcontroller Products at Texas Instruments
Editor-in-chief Joe Desposito interviews Scott Roller, VP of Microcontroller Products at Texas Instruments about TI’s MCU portfolio and the technologies it plans to focus on in the future.

TIME: 26:15
Report on Power Integrations’ new power supply evaluation platform
Joe Desposito reports on the a new power supply evaluation platform from Power Integrations that’s based on the company’s Hiper PFS family of highly integrated, high-efficiency PFC controller ICs.

TIME: 30:10
Report on embedded processors in the digital home
Editor-in-chief Joe Desposito reports on research from Semicast Research about how embedded processors are duking it out for supremacy in the digital home.

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