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Episode 22: Embedded Report; Flywheels

TIME: 0:55
Editor-in-Chief Joe Desposito introduces today’s show.

TIME: 2:17
Report on SeaMicro 10U Rack System
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong reports on the new SM10000-64HD 10U rack system from SeaMicro.

TIME: 5:53
Report on McObject’s In-Memory Database
Bill Wong reports on a new in-memory database from McObject called eXtremeDB Cluster.

TIME: 7:41
Interview with Jean Anne Booth of TI
Bill Wong interviews Jean Anne Booth of Texas Instruments about a new Stellaris Bluetooth wireless kit.

TIME: 10:55
Components of the Week by Mat Dirjish
Components editor Mat Dirjish reports on the latest LED advancements from a variety of companies and also new tantalum polymer technology from AVX.

TIME: 17:20
Interview with Paul Bundschuh of Ideal Power Converters
Machine Design’s Lee Teschler interviews Paul Bundschuh of Ideal Power Converters about a revolutionary new converter technology for solar power.

TIME: 22:56
Report on a New “Battery Farm” for the New York Power Grid
Joe Desposito reports on $69M “battery farm” in Stephentown, New York, for the New York electrical grid. The farm uses flywheels from Beacon Power Inc., not batteries.

TIME: 28:52
Commentary on REACH Legislation
Electronic Design Europe editor-in-chief Paul Whytock comments on new REACH legislation.

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