Engineering Radio

Episode 24: CUI Interview; $10M L Prize

TIME: 0:44
Editor-in-Chief Joe Desposito introduces today’s show.

TIME: 1:40
Interview with Jeff Smoot of CUI
Joe Desposito interviews Jeff Smoot, VP of Engineering at CUI, about the company’s Solus topology for dc-dc converters.

TIME: 9:13
Commentary on the L Prize Winner
Don Tuite gives us his thoughts about Philips Lighting Electronics North America winning the the $10M L prize for LED Lighting technology and manufacturing.

TIME: 16:25
Bill Wong Reports on the Linux 3.0 Kernel
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong reports on the latest release of the Linux Kernel.

TIME: 23:05
Interview with Bill Hutchings of Microchip
Embedded technology editor Bill Wong interviews Bill Hutchings of Microchip about the company’s new 16-bit products.

TIME: 27:15
Highlights of NI Week
Test and measurement editor David Maliniak talks with communications editor Lou Frenzel about the highlights of last week’s NI Week event.

TIME: 32:45
News of the Week by Joe Desposito
Joe Desposito scans his inbox for the hottest news items of the week including highlights of the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum and Digi International’s introduction of XBee Wi-Fi.

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