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Episode 3: Robots are taking over! Featuring Bill Wong.

Episode 3: Robots are taking over! Featuring Bill Wong.
Original Launch Date: March 14, 2011

Bill Wong
Embedded Editor
Electronic Design

Hey all, greetings from Bill Wong. This week’s episode is all about robots! Below you will find an overview of all the things we talk about in this week’s episode. Listen Now.

  • Intro: Hot Stories of the Week – Bill Wong 
    Apple iPad 2, Apple A5 chip, Texas Instrument's OMAP 5 (00:00 – 2:38)
  • Robot Frameworks – Bill Wong
    I’ll talk about Robot Operating System, Microsoft RDS, iRobot Aware 2. 5 and more. (2:40-7:38)
  • ROS and PR2 – Bill Wong
    I investigate Willow Garage’s Robot Operating System (ROS) and its PR2 robot. (7:38 – 10:17)
  • ROS and Bilibot Project – Bill Wong
    The Bilibot project combines ROS, an iRobot Create platform and Microsoft’s Kinect. (10:18 – 13:48)
  • Quadrotors – Bill Wong + Daniel Mellinger 
    I talk to Daniel Mellinger of the Univ. of Penn GRASP lab about Quadrotators. (13:50 – 17:42)  
  • Telepresence Robots – Bill Wong + Segolene Roche
    I talk with Segolene Roche about Gostai’s new Jazz Connect telepresence robot.I wrap  up with Trinity College’s annual Fire Fighting robot competition.  (17:44 - end) 

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