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Join Our Smart Cities Twitterchat

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Smart Cities (see “IEEE Takes The Initiative In Building Smart Cities” on is another of those Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) ideas. Whether you agree with the idea or not you can voice your opinion or ask questions on our Twitter chat, #IoTbizchat #Pentonchat, that starts July 28th 12PM PST.

This is actually a Twitter chat sponsored by our sister website, Internet of Things Institute ( It is a good place to check out what people are doing with IIoT. Of course, keep an eye on Electronic Designs site as well since we cover IIoT from an implementation perspective talking about the tools and trends that developers are interested in.

Some of you are probably asking what in the world a Twitter chat actually is. Me too. Actually, this is the first one I will be in hopefully with many of you. You need a Twitter account to ask questions or make comments. Just include #IoTbizchat #Pentonchat in your tweet. You can follow #IoTbizchat on Twitter to see the stream of comments.

So what is this smart cities thing? I will have to see about getting an Electronic Design 11 Myths series article about this specific topic since there are quite a few misunderstandings about the topic.

So I hope to see some of your questions, comments and insights on IoTi’s Twitter chat. 

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