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LED Drivers Outpace Themselves

A lot of products and developments come our way that we don’t write about for a number of reasons. In the case of products, we generally omit components that an electronics designer or engineer would  not specify for their work because they carry huge price tags, are overkill for their designs, or any one of several other reasons. Such is the case with this highly impressive LED display from Taiwan-based Microblock Inc.

In the buzzing financial district of Shenzhen, China, on the exterior wall of the three-story Hongling Mansion hangs a Yaham Optoelectronic high-definition (HD) LED display with an area of more than 200m². No matter how efficient LEDs may be, a display of this size is going to suck some serious current. That’s why Tony Jiao, Vice President of Sales at Yaham Optoelectronic is quick to point out, “Power efficiency has become a major appeal for IT products duo to the surging power rate in China resulting from supply shortage and the global trend of reducing CO2 emission.”

To address these concerns, his company chooses to use MBI5035 LED drivers from Macroblock Inc.  Reportedly, the MBI5035 is Microblock’s first low power 16-bit LED display driver that successfully meets the green energy concept. It operates with a low knee voltage of 0.2V, a figure said to effectively lower both power consumption and carbon emissions of the LED display by 35%. This obviously boosts system stability and LED lifespan. The driver also requires fewer power supplies and fans.

Robert Chen, General Manager of Macroblock touts the advantages of his company’s product, “The low power driver MBI5035 launched by Macroblock benefits LED display advertisers to reduce electricity fee and enhance their green competitiveness.” For comparison purposes, the company pits the MBI5035 against its MBI5024 LED driver within a 100 m² display. Running the display for 12 hours per day for a full year generates utility bills of $15,800 for the display driven by the MBI5024 and $10,270 for the MBI5035-based installation. Respective carbon emission for the same one-year period were 127,600 Kg (MBI5024) and 82,940 Kg (MBI5035). When it comes to saving green and staying green, the MBI5035 is no slouch.

On the aesthetic side of the coin, the MBI5035 exploits its makers PrecisionDrive technology to enhance color accuracy and current uniformity. Its design allows a staggered delay of the output between channels, a technique that can minimize inrush current and reduce EMI. Packaging is compatible with the existing MBI5024. All that an upgrade requires is an optimized power supply design. 

For more info visit the company’s website at or contact them via e-mail at [email protected].

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