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Links to Bob's Final Interviews

I've corraled the links for what I believe are the two final interviews with Bob Pease, who died tragically in a car accident last week. In case you haven’t yet listened to the first episode of Engineering Radio, I interviewed Bob for that show. Prior to the show, we compiled Bob’s 10 most popular columns on Electronic Design's web site based on page views, and then during the show I asked Bob why he thought those columns were so appealing to readers. Bob also answered some listener questions on that show. Just click on this link: Engineering Radio Player and scroll down to Episode 1. The interview is near the end of the show.         

In addition, a web site called EEWeb posted an interview with Bob about a month ago. Bob alerted me to the interview in his own inimitable style by writing: Note to my Professional  Network of friends:  THIS  is not  a new  column  ( maybe  one in  a  few  more  days)   but it is a fairly good  INTERVIEW of  rap. Worth a  peek.

I believe this was Bob’s last published interview, and as Bob said, it’s worth a peek.

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