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San Jose Mercury News Bob Pease Obituary, et alia

Tuesday morning's San Jose Mercury News has anotice of Bob's passing. By itself, it's perfunctory, but the comments below the story are piling up. That's the glory of crowdsourcing.

Speaking of obits, as a news story, the local media seems to have missed Jim William's death entirely. I think that comes from a general apathy about the semiconductor segment of Silicon Valley business, which is understandable. We no longer make them here; we just design them. And guys like Jim and Bob, who design analog chips, how do you explain what they do?

And so they pass with barely a nod. Except for their friends. Which remnds me: there's a memorial event today (7/21) at 4 pm at Davids Restaurant down on Tasman by the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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