Yes, I know that the Apple iPad is great.  And the new iPad2 is even better.  But there are some very rational reasons why you should not buy one.  Consider these:

5.         Give the competition a chance.  Apple has better than 90% share of the tablet market.  Why not give some of the others a shot at this?  The Motorola Xoom seems like a great choice.  The Samsung Galaxy is also a good alternative.  So is the new and larger Dell Streak.  And what about that forthcoming RIM BlackBerry Playbook?  Hewlett Packard will have one shortly.  And there are dozens more coming.  If the tablet business is to thrive it needs competition. Buy one and make that happen.

4.         Feed the laptop market.  Market analysts are now saying that the laptop market is taking a big hit because of the rise of the tablet.  We should have all seen this one coming.  What to people really do with PCs these days anyway?  Search the Internet, email and social network.  What do you need all the power of a dual core PC laptop for?  You can do this on a tablet and probably cheaper.  Except for your data plan which is going to eat you alive.  Get a laptop instead of an iPad2 and keep the PC business from declining.  Or get a netbook instead.  This market is still pretty small but it did become a niche of smaller cheaper laptops.  This is the product segment that will really take the hit.  A friend of mine calls her netbook a crappy crippled laptop that is not available in purple.  It is cute, small and very portable, but she hates the keyboard and limited memory.  Buy a netbook to keep this product segment from disappearing completely.

3.         Get a smartphone.  You can do everything you can do on a tablet on a smartphone plus you can actually make phone calls and text.  Yes, the screen is considerably smaller but it is not that bad unless you just want to watch video.  A smartphone is a great buy and they just keep getting better.  They are also cheaper than a tablet.  This is the real bargain today.

2.         Keep Apple humble.  Like that could happen.  Apple thinks they can do no wrong.  And that feeling is probably well deserved.  Except for that flawed iPhone4 antenna flap last summer.  They are good and every product is excellent.  But don’t let them get the big head.  Instead of buying the next “whatever” they make, don’t.  Let them fail some.  Besides maybe you will just appreciate their next innovation more if you abstain now.

1.         Global warming.  The number one reason not to buy an iPad2 is that it just uses too much energy in too many countries to make it.  That results in an increase in the carbon footprint and increased pollution of the air.  If you defy my recommendation not to buy an iPad2, you should immediately go out and buy a Prius to repent.

Anyway, those are my reasons for not buying myself an iPad2.  Of course that does not mean I won’t buy one for my adorable wife who is really aching for one.  The two cameras really sold her.

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