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Trolling the Meeting Rooms and Suites at 2011 International CES

When the editors of Electronic Design cover CES, we do so with the design engineer in mind. Thus, we don’t spend much time covering the glamour and glitz of the show floor. We leave that to the hordes of consumer electronics publications, web sites and bloggers at the show. Instead, we visit with companies in their suites and meeting rooms away from the hustle and bustle of the show floor.

Our reasoning is this. As much as we would like to try out every gadget and piece of new equipment on the show floor, we figure our design engineering audience is more interested in the technologies that have not shown up in consumer or any other electronics just yet. We hope this glimpse of the technologies in the back rooms, so to speak, will spark the creativity of our viewers for their next generation of products.

Bill Wong and I shot videos all day and some nights for almost a week at CES. The videos can be found on Engineering TV under Trade Shows. I’m interested to hear if you like our approach to CES and if you find the videos valuable in uncovering new technologies and products that you can use in your work.

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