The True Meaning of Christmas: Electronics

On Christmas day, my wife and I took a walk around the three mile loop that covers our subdivision.  Nice weather but a bit spooky.  Why?  No kids outside playing.  Isn’t that what kids usually do?  Riding new bikes, trying out the new skateboard, or shooting baskets with the new ball and hoop.  Not around here at least.  We wondered where the kids were and then it came to us.  They are all inside looking at some electronic screen.  Christmas has become an electronics holiday. 

Thinking of our own family at recent get-togethers, it is easy to rationalize this idea.  At a family dinner, Uncle Charles was watching his new 47” LED TV with TiVo/Satellite box, niece Daisy was busy on her new laptop, and Aunt Jeanne was shooting everyone with her new Canon digital SLR.  At another party, Aunt Ann was wrapped up in her new iPad2, grandkid Jack had a new digital video camera, and grandkid Callie Rose was enjoying her new iPhone.  Then there was another party where grandkids Ella and Natalie were playing with the new Wii and son John was bragging about the great new Sync system (Bluetooth, GPS, surround sound, satellite radio etc.) in his gift to himself, a new Ford Focus.  And daughter Sallie was texting a friend on here new Verizon phone.  Friend Nori was bragging about her new Asus ultrabook with SSD.  Neighbor Jim revealed that he had traded in his 25,000 incandescent Christmas lights for the same number of LED lights allowing him to cut his electric bill to a fifth of previous bills and add music control.

I can’t help but think that this is how it is in homes across the country.  We have all become consumed by and addicted to electronics.  Not that this is a bad thing.  It’s good for all of us electronically employed professionals.  Hey, buy more electronics.  And what could be better for the economy and the country?  I just wonder what happened along the way that we lost an interest in balls, Red Rider BB guns, dolls, and skates?  Maybe it’s still there but I am not seeing as much of it.

So have I discovered the new meaning of Christmas? Maybe.  I got my wife a new necklace. And I got a new Kenwood 2m/70cm handheld radio.  Just in keeping with the true meaning.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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