“Deep Sky” Film Explores the Miraculous James Webb Space Telescope

April 18, 2024
NASA's “Deep Sky” IMAX movie puts the results of 20 years of work on the James Webb Space Telescope front and center.

What you'll learn:

  • How the James Webb Space Telescope was built.
  • What is viewable with the James Webb Space Telescope?
  • Where to see “Deep Sky.”


The latest IMAX spectacle, "Deep Sky," directed by Rachel Harmon, offers an unprecedented cinematic journey into the depths of the universe following the creation of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). This is an 8k adventure, a fitting clarity to showcase what took 10,000 people from 14 countries over 20 years to build. If you want to know how it all came together every step of the way, this film will deliver.

Seeing real images from deep space is stunning, sure. For me, it's the near miracle of the JWST and its creation. The film does cover some of the major challenges and issues along the way, but I don't want to spoil the fun.

A little preview: There are seven motors on each of the 18 mirror panels. Five layers of sun shields have to unfold perfectly, or it wouldn't be long before everything fails; they measure 21.197 × 14.162 m (69.5 × 46.5 ft.). How about a solar arm deploying ahead of time? It's a work of engineering magnificence.

“Deep Sky” will be playing at IMAX theatres on Friday, August 19, 2024. It comes in at a stout 40 minutes, well worth seeing on those seven-story tall IMAX screens.

Check back here next week. I had a chance to speak with the principal advising telescope scientist, JWST President Matt Mountain, about some behind-the-scenes experiences working on the JWST.

For a further taste of what to expect, here's the trailer for the movie:

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