The Briefing: 5 Things to Know This Week About Chip Production

March 9, 2021
There is lots of ground to cover in the global electronics industry and it is tough to keep up with everything going on. The Briefing is a roundup of facts, figures, and analysis that have slipped under the radar but deserve a closer look.

The electronics industry has been in the eye of a storm in recent years. The US trade spat with China has transformed into an all-out technology cold war where chips have become one of the top battlegrounds. And the US is also contemplating billions of dollars of federal funding to build more advanced fabs in the US at a time when a global shortage of chips is upending the global auto industry and other sectors.

It is difficult to keep up with everything going on. In this roundup, we go through some of the facts and figures from last week to help you better understand the behind-the-scenes forces shaping the industry.

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