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2023 IDEA Awards: Electric Motors, Drives and Components Nominees

July 18, 2023

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Emerson AVENTICS Series SPRA Rod-style Electric Actuators

Emerson’s AVENTICS Series SPRA actuators have a modular concept for easy connection to motor and control systems, which saves time and cost on design and programming. They offer three screw technologies, including a precision ball screw, which provides durability and accuracy for applications that need optimal quality or throughput, a cost-effective lead screw option and roller screws for precision, speed and heavy loads.

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Danfoss PC-GO Propel Solution

The PC-GO solution from Danfoss Power Solutions is designed to provide an out-of-the-box solution to help engineers quickly and easily design hydrostatic transmissions with one pump and one motor. It is comprised of Danfoss' PC036 safety controller and PC-GO propel software embedded with the necessary information to control a machine's propel system.

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SiTime’s SiT9396/7 Automotive Oscillators

Because ADAS systems rely on an enormous amount of sensor data for safe, autonomous operation, it is important that the data is transferred reliably and timely.  The SiT9396/7 oscillators from SiTime help ensure that the computers in autonomous vehicles can make life-saving decisions in demanding environments and extreme road conditions.

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Microchip Technology Hybrid Power Drive Module

Aircraft manufacturers looking to reduce weight and design complexities by converting flight control systems from hydraulic to electric can benefit from Microchip Technology’s Hybrid Power Drive Modules. The all-in-one HPD module can be customized using silicon carbide or silicon, which the company says reduces power solution size and weight for electric aircraft.

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ECM PCB Stator Technology

ECM applied its core business model and paired its patented PCB Stator innovation with its proprietary PrintStator CAD software to design an electric motor that is smaller, quieter and more durable. These benefits apply to electric pumps as well as to a range of motorized industries and applications. ECM’s machine was designed to offer a next-generation solution for a global pump manufacturer.

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Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley Branch Motor Controls and Protection Solutions

Electric motor starters continue to be used in industrial applications even with increased solid-state motor starting technologies on the market. These components comprise motor starting contactors, motor-specific circuit breakers and motor-overload relays, where the motor overload functionality can be incorporated in the circuit breaker or applied as a separate component, depending on the application.

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Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000T Medium Voltage VFD

The PowerFlex 6000T drive offers a compact A-frame design that is well suited to new and retrofit industrial applications such as fans, pumps and compressors. The drives can be used for motor control applications from 100 kW to 11,000 kW (190 hp to 14,600 hp) and for motors rated from 2.3 kV to 11 kV. The drive is equipped with TotalFORCE technology, a smart industrial control that allows for real-time operational intelligence.

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