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Wishing Nancy Well

March 22, 2018
Senior Technology Editor William Wong shares memories and thoughts of his good friend Nancy Friedrich, who is moving on to new ventures after 20-plus years.

Nancy Friedrich has been the Executive Director, Content, Design Engineering & Sourcing for our group for many years and is a long-time Penton, now Informa, alum who is moving on to new projects.  We wish her well, though she will be missed.

She is the latest of many notable editors with Electronic Design, including Joe Desposito, David Bursky, Lucinda Mattera, and Roger Allan. I worked with all of them as well as Nancy and found her to be one of the best at inspiring the group and leading the way as we transitioned to our online presence while delivering our print editions that many still prefer.

Nancy Friedrich

Nancy has 20-year-plus track record here, including a stint as technology editor for Wireless System Design magazine. She was also Editor-in-Chief of Microwaves & RF magazine that covered the transition to LTE and now 5G. As Executive Director, Content, Design Engineering & Sourcing, she oversaw all of the publications in our group, including Electronic Design, Machine Design, Microwaves & RF, and Hydraulics & Pneumatics. Managing such a diverse group is not easy, as most of us are engineers who have taken up writing as a second career.

Nancy received her Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature/Letters from Rutgers University. Nancy said, “When I started my career almost 20 years ago, I was fresh out of college with dreams of writing the next great novel or being a college professor. Taking some time to myself to decide which path I would take, I started a career in technical editing and quickly discovered a different road—one that I never would have imagined.” We are glad she took that turn.

Nancy was instrumental in our move to all our new websites in the group. They now provide a more consistent presentation, especially on smartphone and tablets, which are more popular ways to consume content these days. We also started up innovation-destination.com. This is our new automotive technology website that presents the latest in self-driving cars, infotainment, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Electronic Design has been around a long time. It started in 1952 and is still going strong. It has changed substantially from when she started. She now joins other the editors who have retired or moved on from our publication.

Karen Field, Executive Director, Content, has picked up where Nancy left off as we at Electronic Design continue to bring the latest in engineering and technology to our readers. Karen’s leadership is key to our #fiercelyindependent focus on delivering the highest-quality technical content across our publications and their many outlets, including webinars and shows such as the new Electronic Design Connect this fall.

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