Electronicdesign 24408 Halloween Troubleshooting Promo

Treat Yourself with a Compilation of Real-World Troubleshooting Tales this Halloween

Oct. 31, 2018
From a misguided missile guidance system to a phantom bug in an emulator tool, engineers share how they worked good magic to troubleshoot and fix a problem.

As part of a special Halloween contest, we compared engineers to witches in their almost magical abilities to reanimate dead devices, cast out troublesome software bugs, and put a hex on misbehaving equipment.

In honor of both types of spell casters, Electronic Design asked readers to submit their best (or would that be worst?) real-world examples of troubleshooting. Ten of the most monstrously impressive, cringe-worthy, and often laugh-out-loud tales are included in this special compilation, from a misguided missile guidance system to a battery-killing door security device.

So give yourself a treat this Halloween and download the Engineer’s Book of Essential Troubleshooting Spells.


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