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Rhein, Monheim am 40789

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We at Seggerr Microcontroller are active in the industry of Embedded Systems.

Embedded Systems are small, specialized, computers operating inside a device that is not primarily a computer. Anything in today's world that has a display, or keys, or controls a motor, has an embedded computer and is considered an Embedded System. Examples range from telephones and cameras, to modern coffee makers and washing machines, to trains, planes, and automobiles, up to satellites and lunar rovers.

Segger has over thirty years of experience in Embedded Systems, producing cutting-edge RTOS and Software Libraries, and offering a full set of hardware tools (for development and production) and software tools.

Our motto is: "It simply works". This reflects in our products which are professional and easy-to-use in a complex, highly-technical, industry. Embedded Systems are a growing part of everyday life and we at Segger are passionate about being a part of it.

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Getting Hard Real-Time Support for C++

July 25, 2022
Segger's Dirk Akemann explains how runtime support is critical to real-time C++ code.