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100-W DC-DC Converters Squeeze Into 1/16 Brick

100-W DC-DC Converters Squeeze Into 1/16 Brick

Murata_1115-ATo maximize power density when board space is tight, Murata Power Solutions developed the ULS series 100-W, fully regulated dc-dc converters. The devices, which deliver up to 100 W from a standard 1/16 brick package, are designed specifically for distributed or intermediate bus power architectures. Three single-output models are available with 3.3-, 5-, or 12-V dc outputs. The 12-VOUT model delivers up to 92% efficiency, while the 3.3- and 5-VOUT models offer 91% efficiency. Standard features include a 36- to 75-V input voltage range (meeting EN60950 insulation requirements up to 2250 V dc); remote on/off control; and overtemperature, overcurrent, and input undervoltage protection. Output can be trimmed up or down by 10%. Output-voltage sense pins maintain output regulation to within 0.2% across all input line and load conditions. High-reliability applications include datacom, networking, wireless networks, optical network equipment, servers, and storage.


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