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Eight-Pin Connector Adds Flexibility To MEMS Accelerometers

Eight-Pin Connector Adds Flexibility To MEMS Accelerometers

SiliconDesigns_1128-ABy implementing an eight-pin connector, Silicon Designs’ 2466 series of triaxial universal MEMS capacitive accelerometers can deliver high-precision shock, vibration, and acceleration measurements in three orthogonal directions. The industrial-grade modules come in eight ranges from ±2 to ±400 g. They combine three orthogonally mounted single-axis accelerometers within an epoxy-sealed anodized aluminum case. Since the sensors are interchangeable between the company’s 2476 and 2480 series, the 2466 chips can be used within applications calling for the use of an eight-pin connector, with the ability to use the same cable. In most cases, they also can be a drop-in replacement for other similar industry accelerometers. The sensors feature active, self-adjusting components rather than passives. On-board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference minimize temperature and voltage changes.


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