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LED Goes To The Extreme In Large-Format Outdoor Displays

LED Goes To The Extreme In Large-Format Outdoor Displays

Osram-Displix-LED-240x160The environmental conditions surrounding large-format outdoor displays used at rock concerts and sporting events, or for perimeter advertising, are usually of the harsh variety. To that end, Osram Opto Semiconductors developed multichip LEDs that can withstand high humidity levels, wide fluctuations in temperature, and torrential rain. Two options are available: the Displix black and Displix blackprint. The Displix black, which comes in a completely black package, offers high contrast even in direct sunlight. The Displix blackprint comes in a white package with black overprinting and a white reflector. Typical light intensity at the Illuminant D65 white point (at a color temperature of 6504 Kelvin) is 2450 mcd at 20 mA for Displix black package and 2950 mcd for Displix blackprint. Packaging for both versions measures 4.5 by 4.5 by 2.1 mm, in which there are three chips with typical wavelengths of 625 nm (red), 528 nm (green), and 470 nm (blue).


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