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MEMS-Based Sensor Enables Smart Gas Meters

MEMS-Based Sensor Enables Smart Gas Meters

74599_1025-AKyoto, Japan, and Geneva, Switzerland: Omron and STMicroelectronics have teamed up to develop a MEMS-based (microelectromechanical systems) gas-flow sensor with unusual built-in correction for differences in gas composition (see the figure). The sensor is intended primarily for gas meters, which are moving toward smart metering solutions like electricity meters. The sensor will enable higher precision and reliability, according to the companies.

The sensor combines Omron’s MEMS thermal flow transducer with ST’s high-performance analogue front-end IC, delivering high-precision gas-flow-rate measurement with excellent reproducibility. Gas meters built around the Omron/ST solution won’t need to be configured for a certain type of gas at the time of shipment or installation, as they are intrinsically compensated for both temperature and pressure variations and a built-in circuit compensates for the variation of multiple gas composition. The sensor is dust-resistant to comply with international gas meter standards.



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