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MEMS Microphones Deliver Matching Frequency Responses

MEMS Microphones Deliver Matching Frequency Responses

wolf1_1025-AThe clamor for high-definition (HD) video on portable consumer electronic devices has, naturally, intensified demands for matching HD audio. In response, Wolfson Microelectronics created top and bottom port, silicon, analog microelectromechanical (MEMS) microphones with matching frequency responses. The top-port WM7121 and bottom-port WM7132 maintain 65-dB signal-to-noise frequency, very low distortion, and matching responses across the 10-Hz to 20-kHz frequency band. The microphones also feature matching phase responses and matching sensitivity, which suits them well for stereo recording. Sensitivity tolerance is ±1 dB. Wolfson’s CMOS/MEMS membrane technology is the driving force behind the microphones’ reliability and performance, all coming in a miniature, low-profile package. The HD audio quality and highly authentic audio recordings afforded by the microphones will lead them into a number of portable applications, such as mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, navigation devices, gaming consoles, and digital still and video cameras.


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