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MEMS Microphones Maintain Matching Frequency Responses

MEMS Microphones Maintain Matching Frequency Responses

74639-AEdinburgh, UK: Top- and bottom-port analogue silicon MEMS microphones developed by Wolfson Microelectronics offer matching frequency responses between 10Hz and 20kHz. Add in their 65dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and ultra-low distortion, and the WM7121 and WM7132 will likely find homes in a number of portable applications, such as mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, navigation devices, and gaming consoles.

The microphones also feature matching phase responses and matching sensitivity, suiting them for stereo recording and simplifying their integration into systems.  Sensitivity tolerance is ±1dB.

Both devices incorporate Wolfson’s proprietary CMOS / MEMS membrane technology. The technology enables high reliability and high performance in a miniature, low-profile package. They’re designed to withstand the high temperatures associated with automated flow solder assembly processes, which often damages conventional microphones.
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