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MEMS Pressure Sensor Integrates Signal Conditioning

MEMS Pressure Sensor Integrates Signal Conditioning

Melexis_1018-AMelexis has combined its piezoresistive MEMS technology with a high-accuracy sensing element, low-noise analog front end, and 16-bit ΣΔ analog-to-digital converter to boost performance in the new MLX90809 pressure sensor. The resulting analog chain provides the necessary amplification and offset compensation for the sensing element. A built-in 16-bit MCU handles temperature compensation and supplies the diagnostic mechanisms required for safety-critical applications. A fully programmable EEPROM allows for support of different configurations, such as independent setting of diagnostic functions for overvoltage or undervoltage supply conditions. Pressure data is delivered via an analog output voltage ratiometric to the supply voltage, or using the SENT digital protocol. The AEC Q100-qualified COTS sensors, which come in robust, plastic-molded, 16-pin surface-mount packages, are specifically targeted at 1-Bar applications.


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