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Metal-Plate Resistor Fits Into 0402 Package

Metal-Plate Resistor Fits Into 0402 Package

TLR_1025-AAccording to KOA Speer Electronics, its TLR1E metal-plate resistor is one of the first to come in a 0402 package. The ultra-low-height package is 0.25 mm thick and maintains a 0.2-W power rating. The TLR1E features a 10-mΩ resistance value with a temperature coefficient resistance (TCR) of ±100 ppm/°C. It’s available with a 2% or 5% resistance tolerance. Combining that with the device’s use of metal alloy, the resistor is able to offer high corrosion and heat resistance. Applications will span across the telecommunications and consumer electronics fields, including handheld devices, computing devices, tablets, and computers.


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