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Mini RF Transformers Fulfill NASA Low-Outgassing Demands

Mini RF Transformers Fulfill NASA Low-Outgassing Demands

Coilcraft_1025-ASurface-mount transformers developed by Coilcraft CPS will find homes in aerospace and other mission-critical applications that require miniature ferrite-core versions of these devices. The AE458RFW series is specially designed and tested to meet or exceed NASA’s low-outgassing specifications. The transformers feature 300-V interwinding isolation and 0.25-W RF input power capability. Operating temperature ranges from −55 to +155°C, with unlimited floor life at less than 30°C/85% relative humidity. Current capacity is 250 mA.Tap configurations include basic four lead; five lead with a secondary center tap; and six lead with primary and secondary center taps. Impedance ratios vary from 1:1 to 1:16, depending on frequency range and configuration. The 4.19- by 4.55- by 3.05-mm transformers incorporate tin-lead (63%/37%) leach-resistant terminations (other coatings are available).


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