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Proximity Sensors Integrate Multiple Devices In Mini Package

Proximity Sensors Integrate Multiple Devices In Mini Package

Vishay_1203-AThe VCNL3020 proximity sensor from Vishay Intertechnology combines an IR emitter, photo-pin-diode, signal-processing IC, and 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) in a 4.85- by 2.35- by 0.83-mm surface-mount package. Support is included for an I2C bus communication interface. There’s also an interrupt function, which enables the sensor to work independently until there’s a programmable threshold; it then wakes up the microcontroller. Programmable LED current, which ranges from 10 to 200 mA (in 10-mA steps), allows for distances up to 200 mm, and more than a meter when the emitter driver is used to drive external emitters. Crosstalk immunity is enhanced thanks to 16-bit effective resolution for proximity detection, which eliminates the need for a mechanical barrier between the emitter and detector. Standby current measures 1.5 µA. The VCNL3020 saves power for touchscreen locking in a range of mobile devices, from smartphones and PDAs to digital cameras.



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