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Sensor Delivers 10-Point Multi-Touch On Large-Format Curved Surfaces

Sensor Delivers 10-Point Multi-Touch On Large-Format Curved Surfaces

74753_1205-ABlaydon on Tyne, U.K.: Zytronic’s latest version of its projected capacitive touch (PCT) touchscreen sensor can be used for surfaces that are curved along one axis. Available in customised sizes from 19- to over 46-inch diagonals, this large-format, curved-surface product comes in single-, dual- or multi-touch configuration.

The screens are suitable for rear-projection systems, the latest wave of curved LCDs, or even OLED displays in advanced public information systems, digital signage systems, and next-generation retail automation machines (e.g., customer-facing point-of-sales units).

The radius of the curve, whether convex or concave, can be custom-produced to fit the application. Zytronic says the convex designs will be attractive to designers of gaming equipment, where an interactive “spinning reel” movement is able to be simulated. Concave versions of the technology will facilitate the merging together of several angled screens to create a single, seamless user interface.


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