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Thin Film Power Generators Harvest Waste Heat

Thin Film Power Generators Harvest Waste Heat

Laird_1128-ALaird Technologies' eTEG Series thin film energy harvesting products are thermoelectric power generators that harvest waste heat and convert it into usable output dc power. With their micro scale size and high output power density, these devices are suitable for use in wireless sensors, LED lighting and battery charging applications. Consisting of three standard modules (33 mW, 90 mW, 130 mW), the eTEG Series are miniature energy harvesting devices that can be embedded into many types of applications requiring low output power. Because of their sold state reliability and no maintenance requirements, they are suitable to replace energy storage devices or provide power in remote places where access to a power line does not exist. There is also no need to replace batteries on remotely installed wireless sensors that monitor temperature, flow rate or composition of gases and liquids. The energy harvesters are assembled with thin film semiconductor material, thermally conductive aluminum nitride ceramics and gold plated wire bondable pads. The three models have output voltages from 0.6 V to 2.5 V in an open circuit at maximum temperature differentials.

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