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Oct. 1, 2003
Industrial Power Module The flowPIM 0 accommodates an inverter six-pack, a 3-phase rectifier and an NTC at approximately 60% in size. It's suitable for

Industrial Power Module

The flowPIM® 0 accommodates an inverter six-pack, a 3-phase rectifier and an NTC at approximately 60% in size. It's suitable for 600V and 1200V applications, and provides currents up to 20A, respectively 15A at a case temperature of 80°C. Its unique snap-in design offers fast and cost-effective assembly onto the PC-Board.
Tyco Electronics, Munich, Germany
Circle 307
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Digital Multiphase Power Solutions

Intersil's digital multiphase power solutions provide software-programmable flexibility to optimize a single power architecture for service across many server platforms and CPU generations. Power solutions can be optimized from a keyboard for unmatchable performance instead of repeated hardware iterations.
Intersil, Milpitas, Calif.
Circle 308
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Braking Resistors

Rated from 60W to 1200W, the ULV/ULH series is UL recognized. Designed for use in motor drives and load banks, they can be supplied with custom fuse assemblies, customized marking for OEM part numbers, and electrical and temperature symbols.
Isotek Corp., Swansea, Mass.
Circle 309
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The A3946 power-MOSFET pre-driver IC is designed to drive large inductive loads. With fault reporting, and extended operating voltages and temperature ratings, it's perfect for the automotive and industrial markets.
Allegro Microsystems, Worcester, Mass.
Circle 310
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100A Power Resistor

The type PSB ultra-precision power resistor, available in the 0.001Ω to 1Ω range, handles a maximum working current of 100A while yielding TCRs as low as 0±5 ppm/°C and precise tolerances as low as ±0.1% with four terminals construction.
Alpha Electronics Corp. of America, Minneapolis
Circle 311
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Schottky Rectifier

The CZSH5-40 surfacemount Schottky rectifier is packaged in a low-profile (1.7mm) small signal SOT-223 case. This single 5A, 40V chip is manufactured by the epitaxial planar process and meets high-current dc-dc or ac-dc rectification applications for numerous products.
Central Semiconductor Corp., Hauppauge, N.Y.
Circle 312
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SMD NTC Thermistor

The SMD NTC thermistor offers tight tolerance control (up to 1%) and is ideal for accurate temperature-sensitive applications. Available in 0402, 0603 and 0805 packages, it's available with custom sensor probe assembly upon request.
Inter-Technical LLC, Elmsford, N.Y.
Circle 313
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Surface-Mount Inductors

DR353 miniature surface-mount inductors have an open-frame design with a low-seated profile from 0.079 in. (2mm) above the circuit board. Available in a range of inductance values, they offer an inductance range from 0.10µH to 560µH, with a DCR from 0.25Ω to 28Ω maximum over a maximum current rating from 0.700A to 0.040A.
Datatronics Distribution Inc., Romoland, Calif.
Circle 314
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High-Voltage Diodes

The SM series of high- voltage diodes provides 5kV to 10kV in one of the smallest sizes available. These hermetically sealed, surface-mount rectifiers provide maximum power in a user-friendly package.
Voltage Multipliers Inc., Visalia, Calif.
Circle 315
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SEMiX IGBTs are characterized by their height (only 17mm) and flexibility. They provide twice the volumetric power density of traditional 62-mm modules. Available with 600V, 1200V and 1700V IGBT3 trench and planar technologies, their current range is between 200A and 700A.
Semikron, Nürnberg, Germany
Circle 316
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New Ferrite Sizes

The 49925-IC and the 49928-EC are additions to available ferrite shape offerings. Offered in high-frequency and temperature materials, these cores have the high-power handling ability needed for large power transformer applications.
Magnetics, Pittsburgh
Circle 317
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UXP 600 Series Resistor

The patented UXP 600 series resistor is capable of handling 600W when mounted to a heat sink. Produced with noninductive thick film technology, it's used in motor drives, traction applications, and many other power designs.
EBG LLC, Middletown, Pa.
Circle 318
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Surface-Mount High-Voltage Diodes

The SM3F is a true surface-mount high-voltage diode available on a 12-mm tape and features a standard rectangular SMA profile. It also offers a PIV rating of 3000V with 2.7 VF drop and IF of 250mA. Trr is 75nS, and IFSM is 20A.
HV Components Assoc., Farmingdale, N.J.
Circle 319
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High-Speed IGBTs

The C2-Class IGBT uses next-generation high-speed IGBT technology, enabling improvements in efficiency for off-line power conversion applications requiring 600V devices with switching frequencies up to 200 kHz.
IXYS, Santa Clara, Calif.
Circle 320 Booth 945

SiC Schottky Diode Die

The SiC ZERO RECOVERY Schottky Diode die offers switching speeds up to 500 kHz; near-elimination of switching losses, resulting in 3% to 7% reduction on PFC power consumption; high thermal conductivity; rating of 175°C for higher temperature operation; low leakage at elevated termperature operation due to higher band gap; easy paralleling; and 600V to 1200V breakdown.
Advanced Power Technology, Bend, Ore.
Circle 321
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Intended for high-density power conversion, ER18 and ER23 cores are available in the high-performance materials 3C92, 3C96 and 3F35. A round center leg and low height makes them ideal for dc-dc converter modules.
Ferroxcube USA, El Paso, Texas
Circle 322
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Power Modules

MiniSKiiP® PIMs are a module technology without base plate. Characterized by their connection technology, they offer press-on spring leads. Thus, a simple connection of the module to the printed circuit board is possible by pressure contacts. They include a 3-phase input rectifier, an inverter six pack and a brake chopper. They're also equipped with a PTC.
Tyco Electronics, Munich, Germany
Circle 323
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SOP Advance MOSFETs use a low-profile packaging technology and Ultra High Speed U-MOS III technology to boost current output approximately 220%, improve power dissipation approximately 50% and are approximately 37% thinner than standard SOP-8 packaging.
Toshiba, Hauppauge, N.Y.
Circle 324
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The new Flat fuse is for semiconductor protection with very low inductance, and comes in three sizes and many ratings. The new DC fuse offers a compact ac-dc fuse range for drives, inverters and UPS systems. The new gRL 2-fuses-in-1 has line/cable protection and semiconductor protection in a single fuse. It's available in ferrule and square body for high-current applications.
Siba Fuses, Wayne, N.J.
Circle 325 Booth 548

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