April 1, 2004
RF Choke The Conformal Coated RF Choke line now includes the new 79F Series, which features a significantly smaller subminiature design 0.10-in. in diameter

RF Choke

The Conformal Coated RF Choke line now includes the new 79F Series, which features a significantly smaller subminiature design — 0.10-in. in diameter with a 0.16-in. length. The device's high Q value and high-frequency performance characteristics make it suitable for high-density applications, including computers and computer peripherals, telecommunications, EMI filters and consumer electronics. Manufactured with an epoxy coating, the 79F Series has an inductance range of 0.10 µH to 470 µH, an operating temperature of -55°C to 105°C and dielectric strength of 500 Vrms. Other features include high Q, high self-resonant frequency up to 300 MHz, ferrite bobbin core, color-band identification and low cost.
J.W. Miller, Gardena, Calif.
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SMT Inductors

The PF0464/PF0465 power-shielded surface-mount (SMT) inductor series is for local dc-to-dc power conversion. They feature a high current rating of 4.5 A in a low-profile (3-mm height for the PF0464 and 4-mm height for the PF0465), small footprint package (7.2 mm × 7.2 mm max) with inductance values up to 100 µH. Their extended operating temperature of -40°C to 125°C makes them suitable for high-temperature applications. The PF0464/PF0465 Series has a reliable pad design, with lower direct-current resistance (DCR) and higher operating temperature than similar power-shielded SMT inductors. This means less increase in the temperature of the inductor at a given dc current, resulting in increased reliability. The DCR for the PF0464.302 (at 3 µH, 3 A) is 17 mΩ typical and 22 mΩ max. The PF0464.104 (at 100 µH, 0.54 A) has a 400 mΩ typical value and 505 mΩ max value. The PF0465.332 (at 3.3 µH, 3.5 A) has a 16 mΩ typical value and 20 mΩ at max value, and the PF0465.104 (at 100 µH, 0.65 A) has a DCR at 286 mΩ typical value and 350 mΩ max value. Tolerances are at ±20%.
Pulse, San Diego
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Surface-Mount Inductors

Featuring a powerful magnetic shield, DR331-7-8-9 Series surface-mount inductors provide reliable protection against challenging EMI problems in high-frequency filtering applications. Available in a range of inductance values, they feature an open-frame design with a seated profile as low as only 0.115 in. (2.92 mm) above the circuit board. They're suitable for high-density circuit-board designs. Depending on the specific model, they offer an inductance range from 1 µH to 10,000 µH, with a DCR from 0.040 Ω to 32.8 Ω maximum over a maximum current rating from 3 A to 0.02 A. They're compatible with extreme temperature environments, ranging from -40°C to +130°C. All materials meet UL 94V-0 requirements.
Datatronic Distribution Inc., Romoland, Calif.
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Chip Bead Inductors

The FBMH1608HL Series of chip bead inductors provides high impedance and high current operation for superior noise suppression in the gigahertz frequency range. With seven part numbers to choose from, they allow component impedance characteristics to be configured to a specific end device frequency requiring a noise countermeasure. The ability to tailor component specifications to meet the needs of OEM customers results in maximum performance for the full spectrum of noise-suppression requirements in cell phones, personal computers, wireless LAN and automotive electronics.
Taiyo Yuden (USA) Inc., Schaumburg, Ill.
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SMD Power Inductor

These 13-mm × 10.2-mm × 4.5-mm package high-current inductors include a design with gapped ferrite core optimized for 300-kHz to 2-MHz application. They include edge-wound wire, which allows for a low profile and low DCR. Their inductance range is from 0.50 µH to 7 µH, and rated current is 30 A to 10 A. Their compact design saves board space, making them suitable for high-density dc-dc converter applications.
Inter-technical LLC, Elmsford, N.Y.
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Toroidal Transformer Line

CUSTARD custom-designed toroidal transformers are based on a full range of power ratings from 20 VA to 1000 VA, with standard primary windings for 117-V/230-V, 50-Hz to 60-Hz operation and with any secondary winding specified by the customer, at competitive prices. Based on a stock of standard cores with primary windings and insulation in place, they are certified to UL, CSA, EN and IEC standards with CE marking. CUSTARD transformers applications include motor drives in robotics, power supplies in analytical, test and measurement instrumentation, as well as step-down transformers in industrial controls, UPS systems, low-voltage lighting and other uses when low profile, low noise, cool operating temperature or low weight are desired features.
Bridgeport Magnetics, Bridgeport, Conn.
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The Talema SW260 Series of inductors is designed for the 260-kHz simple switcher. They feature high-energy storage with minimum saturation, and high stability from no load to full load, with an operating temperature range from -40°C to +130°C. Available in both SMD and THT versions, their economical design and production in an offshore ISO-9001:2000-approved facility assures designs have peak performance at a competitive price.
AlfaMag Electronics LLC., Rolla, Mo.
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Self-Shielding Inductors

Toroid Terminator HM55 Series inductors offer the same or better heat dissipation and improved shielding properties as traditional toroids, but in a smaller package and with lower power losses. The core shape allows design engineers to maintain efficient power delivery by minimizing the inductor's core and copper losses. Typical applications include motherboards for laptop and desktop computers, and multiple-phase synchronous step-down voltage regulators. Offering a Class F insulation system, they operate at temperatures from — 40°C to 155°C. Toroid Terminators are available in three standard package sizes with custom configurations available.
BI Technologies, Fullerton, Calif.
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Low-profile Inductors

The SD14 Series of inductors is for next-generation cellular phones, digital cameras and PDAs. Offering a height as low as 1.45 mm with a footprint of 5.2 mm2, inductor values range from 0.58 µH at 3.2 A to 1000 µH at 0.117 A. Higher current ratings are available in slightly taller profiles of 1.8 mm (SD180), 2 mm (SD20) and 2.5 mm (SD25) with the same footprint. Available in tape and reel packaging, they're designed for efficient pick and place assembly.
Cooper Electronic Technologies, Boynton Beach, Fla.
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Ferrite Cores

PQ ferrite cores feature a round center leg, providing a maximum cross sectional area while minimizing the overall size of the finished inductor or transformer. The round center leg lowers the average length of each turn, resulting in lower dc resistance per turn. PQ cores offer maximum power output at a minimum size and assembly cost. Applications include switch-mode power supplies, dc-dc converters and power inductors.
MMG, Patterson, N.J.
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