Report Quantifies Tech Trends in Power Technology

Feb. 1, 2007
The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) has released the fifth edition of its Power Technology Roadmap Workshop Report. The report includes

The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) has released the fifth edition of its “Power Technology Roadmap Workshop Report.” The report includes presentations and discussions from the workshop it conducted last year, just prior to the Applied Power Electronics Conference. The report compiles data provided by workshop participants, including highly influential end users, power-supply manufacturers, component suppliers, consultants and academics.

As explained in the report, “The workshop goal was to develop an outlook on the trends in power conversion up until the year 2010 … The intent is to help the [report] reader to decide whether their organization is headed in the right direction, not whether or not a particular product is right for the market or … priced correctly.”

Moreover, the report differs from other industry roadmaps, such as the “International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors,” which seek to establish a long-range time lines for industry participants to meet specific technical milestones. “The main information to take from this [workshop] report is a big-picture look at where our customers expect us to be, the gaps that exist in filling those wants and the opportunities for success that filling those gaps offers,” according to the report.

This report provides quantitative, detailed projections for the next three to four years for various technologies. Technologies examined include power-supply circuits and topologies, semiconductors, passive components and magnetics, thermal management, packaging and assembly processes. The report offers special emphasis on how the increasing use of digital technologies will affect the industry in the next four years.

The technology trend analysis and the roadmap is provided for four specific power-supply product segments, which are expected to be the areas of largest market growth. These segments include ac-dc front-end power supplies with 1-kW output and single-phase ac input; external ac-dc power supplies; dc-dc bus converters; and nonisolated dc-dc converters.

The report forecasts the impact of the various technologies (listed above) on these product segments as well as the general performance requirements that will be expected of these products in 2010.

“The ‘Power Technology Roadmap Workshop Report’ is an extensive document that analyzes and provides projections for most major technical parameters for a specific power supply,” says Bruce Miller, chairman of PSMA. “It is a unique document as it contains technology/parametric trends in a roadmap fashion from a variety of diverse sources, giving significant depth to its content. No such information is available from any other source.”

The “Power Technology Roadmap Workshop Report” is available at no cost to PSMA regular and associate members and at a reduced price to affiliate members as a benefit of membership. It will be offered to nonmembers for $2490. For more information or to buy a copy of the report, visit or contact Joe Horzepa at (973) 543-9660.

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